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How To Learn Computer Typing on Mobile!


Are these jumbled alphabets on a QWERTY keyboard frightening you? There are many applications available in the market that allows you to practice and learn typing.

Typing has become one of the most essential computer skills and is also an important skill that all government job aspirants need to have. People who cannot type properly on a computer are at a severe disadvantage in computer-based testing for one major reason that is wasting valuable time because their bad typing slows their work. Therefore, many people are opting to learn computer typing to prepare for a wider range of job opportunities.

Government job aspirants with good typing skills can meet and exceed the common core standards. With great speed and accurate typing, candidate scores higher in computer-based test increasing the chances of their selection in their dream job.

Sarkari Selection makes it easier for everyone to learn English and Hindi computer typing on mobile. You just need to connect the keyboard and mobile via OTG cable, open the Google Chrome browser on your device, visit chose which typing you want to practice and just start.

Unlike other applications or websites that may cost you a hefty amount, Sarkari Selection enables you to learn computer typing on mobile in just around 250 rupees. To learn English typing or Hindi typing, you just need a keyboard (costs between 180 to 250 rupees) and an OTG cable (costs around 25 rupees) and follow the following steps:

  • Connect your device with the keyboard via OTG cable.
  • Type something on your keyboard and check whether you can see it on your mobile. If yes, you are good to go, but if you are not able to type it through your keyboard, go to SETTINGS, then OTG CONNECTION and turn the setting to ON.
  • Now, open on Google Chrome Browser on your device. Go to the typing section and choose between English typing, Mangal font typing, and Kruti Dev font typing. Start practicing.
  • Turn your screen into a desktop mode to see the virtual hand and keyboard properly.
  • Now, the way the virtual hand is placed above the virtual keyboard, place your fingers on your keyboard in the same way and follow the pattern that is shown by the virtual hand on your screen.

If you practice for 20-30 minutes daily for 10 days, you will learn the basics. After learning the basics, you can move to advanced chapters.